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Kapurthala district of Punjab is one of the important seed belt of potato, Presently about 12000 ha area of Kapurthala is under seed potato and seed produced in this district is supplied to different sates like Bengal, Gujarat, Bihar etc. To update the knowledge of potato growers regarding quality seed production an exposure visit is conducted to Central Potato Research Institute (CPRI) Jalandhar. About 30 farmers participated in this programme. Team of scientists of CPRI imparted the technological knowledge of high-tech system. Apart from conventional way of seed production the aeroponic is a fast multiplication and quality-oriented technique. Aeroponic production six to eight times more tubers than conventional production technique. Due to lack of exposure to soil borne disease seed quality may be increased. Er. Sukhwinder Singh, Scientist CPRI discussed in detail about different generations of seed produced in aeroponics system and how farmer can apply this system at field level. Dr Sugani Devi, Scientist, updated the farmers regarding seed plot technique to produce quality seed. She also discussed the importance of timely rouging while producing seed potato. Dr. Harinder Singh, Associate Director (Trg.) motivated the farmers to adopt this new technique as a agri. Business, which not only enhance the farmers profit but also helps in producing good quality seed. Dr. Amandeep Kaur , AP (Veg Sci) nicely coordinated with the potato growers to make this visit successful. Participants thanked KVK team for this new initiative and learnable visit.

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