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Bihar has got GI tag for many of its farm as well as non-farm products. In context of agricultural products, Zardalu mango, Shahi litchi, Katarni rice, Magadhi pan and recently Makhana are the most important and highly advocated. As GI tagged product sought to have great marketing potential and have good commercial value. It is of paramount importance to figure out how far Bihar state has utilized the full potential of its GI tagged farm products. As such there is negligible contribution in the literature towards the marketing and branding aspect of Gls. It’s not only the GI tag which any institution or the community should only target about but also the promotion part, socioeconomic benefits to farmers and overall economic development should be addressed.

This is high time that all the stakeholders such as district, state administration, public and private sector organizations, FPOs, farming community should come together and address the suitable interventions required to go ahead in suitable direction for effective formation, promotion, branding and marketing of Gls with emphasis in honey segment. This end-to-end chain development with single window support system to farmers would be key for suitable policy developments in this direction. There is severe need to strengthen forward as well as backward linkages for GI development especially in the farm sector in Bihar chapter. Moreover, over the years the awareness of consumers towards GI should also be considered as an imperative attribute to successfully market these products.

Keeping the above into consideration, a national wide event is proposed with a sense of purpose to contribute in this direction of holistic development of Gls in Bihar with emphasis on honey products.
Some points/questions to ponder upon through the proposed seminar Promoting Geographical Indications in Litchi honey

Policy framework on Gl at domestic and export regime including WTO Trade and market development related policy insights for Gl promotion Institutional framework devoted for marketing of GI products.
Intervention of GI tag for uplifting rural livelihoods in Bihar Awareness of the farmers, consumers and other stakeholders.
How much price realization growers have got?
How far GI has helped growers to realize economic and social benefits?
Are the existing marketing channels fully developed?
What possible innovative channels can be adopted for unlocking commercialization of Gl products?
Quest for linking vocal for local theme for marketing of GI tagged products Can online channels be the answer for successful marketing of GI products?

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