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About the Summer School Agroforestry involves the intentional integration of trees and other woody perennials into traditional agricultural systems. This diversification contributes to enhanced biodiversity, improved resilience to environmental stresses, and increased overall productivity. Agroforestry practices play a pivotal role in environmental conservation and amelioration. Trees contribute to soil health by preventing erosion, enhancing fertility, and promoting water retention.

Additionally, they play a role in carbon sequestration, mitigating climate change impacts. The overall environmental benefits include improved water quality, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and conservation of biodiversity. Sustainable agroforestry interventions for diversification and environmental amelioration encompass a holistic approach that integrates ecological, economic, and social dimensions. By promoting diversified and resilient agro ecosystems, these interventions contribute to the overall sustainability of agriculture while addressing environmental challenges and enhancing the wellbeing of communities. The 21 days summer school will emphasize the significance of ongoing research and innovation in agroforestry. Participants will be encouraged to stay informed about the latest developments and contribute to the advancement of sustainable agroforestry practices.

Within this complex background, this summer school will facilitate and provide professional, skill based and job-oriented trainings, cum awareness to the scientists, teachers and students of agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry and allied sectors; regarding recent trends and advancements in sustainable agroforestry research and development.

Participants & Eligibility: The Summer School is open for the scientists, teachers, growers, students, and marketing personals.
Important Dates:
Last date for receipt of registration form: 12-04-2024
Confirmation of participation: 15-04-2024
Selection Notification: 15-04-2024
Commencement of Training: 16-04-2024
Venue: Online mode (Google Meet Platform)

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