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Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana organized ‘Method demonstration and training camp’ on value addition of milk for farmers of Village Hamidi under ICAR sponsored Farmer FIRST Project.

Under the leadership of Dr. P.S. Brar, Director of Extension Education-cum-Nodal Officer of Farmer FIRST Project, and Dr. Parminder Singh, Principal Investigator, this innovative approach was arranged at Hamidi village where beneficiary farmers both men and women participated in this camp. It was conducted by Co-PI of the project Dr. Gopika Talwar and organized by Dr. Gurpreet Kour Tulla, SRF of the project

Dr. Gopika Talwar deliberated on the importance of packaging of value added products and conducted hands-on training for cup-sealer machine and hand-sealer machine to the women trainees. She highlighted the use of cup/glass sealer machine to pack products like kheer, lassi, whey drinks or flavored milks etc. for which the farmers had already been trained. She suggested them to pack the products like paneer, chhaina, sweets etc. with a hand sealer machine.

The queries of the farmers were dealt accordingly by Dr. Gopika, who encouraged the farmers to form Self-help Groups and boost their earning by making value added products and packing them with the demonstrated machinery. She added that this will not only make it more convenient and increase the aesthetics of the product but will also ease the sale of products in the market. The farmers showed great interest in the demonstrated technology.

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