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The role of improved high yielding cultivars in attaining enhanced agricultural productivity is well known and well documented. Of course, there are other factors such as beer management, input support and irrigation facilities which supplemented the performance of semi-dwarf high yielding wheat and rice varies during the Green Revolution period, but the improved varies have been the single most effective delivery system for showcasing genetic combinations at farmers’ fields. Improved varies are the result of years of hard work by team of dedicated researchers and are silent harbinger of peace, progress and overall upliment of the society. CCS HAU Hisar has played a pivotal role in the State and Naon’s agriculture by evolving 265 varies of various crops including cereals, pulses, oil seeds, fiber and sugar crops, vegetables and fruit crops since its inception in 1970. The varies have been developed for characters like improved productivity, biotic and abiotic stresses resistance and improved nutrient composition. Many of these varies have been recommended at National and State level and some of these have attained a landmark.
status in the country and the food grain production of the state has increased from 4.8 million tonnes in 1970-71 to 18.4 million tonnes in 2019-20.

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