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A Training programme on “Production technologies of rabi sunflower” and “Exposure visit to Meteorological observatory” was organized by Agricultural Research Station, Tornala to input dealers under DAESI program (Diploma in Agricultural Extension Service for Input Dealers) on 14-12-2023 at ARS, Tornala. As a part of programme, Dr. S. Sridevi, Principal Scientist and Head, ARS, Tornala, has welcomed the DAESI batch and gave a brief note about ARS and APT, Tornala. She also enlightened on the importance of oilseeds in crop diversification, scope of oilseeds production in alternate cropping system and in paddy fallows, importance of secondary and micro nutrients especially sulphur and borax in oil seed crops which is useful for improvement in oil content and seed filling in oilseed crops. Dr. D. Swetha, Scientist (Agronomy), ARS, Tornala explained about different oilseed crops mainly sunflower, groundnut and safflower and production technologies such as suitable crop varieties or hybrids, water and weed management in oilseeds and INM and IPM to be followed in oilseed crops. And discussed about opportunities of mechanization in oilseed cultivation and its advantages such as labor and time saving. She also enlightened about the importance of meteorological aspects in relation to the crop growth and development and how to measure the weather parameters with help of meteorological observatory followed by exposure visit to meteorological observatory at B block in ARS, Tornala. This programme was attended by 37 no. input dealers of different mandals of Siddipet district and Mr. Shankar Rao, Retd A.D.A, Coordinator of DAESI batch.

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