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ICAR-Krishi Vigyan Kendra (CRIDA) Ranga Reddy conducted one day training programme on the theme of “Millets for opportunity in Natural Farming” on 18th March 2023.

On this occasion KVK staff, Dr. D. Sudheer, Subject Matter Specialist explained about importance of growing millets, which is a step towards sustainability and food security. He informed that, millets or coarse grains have been a part of India’s agriculture, culture since ages, and they are capable of preventing both climatic disorders and ailments associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Also, he discussed the importance of millets as fodder and debated that they have extensive advantages than consuming outside junk foods, favorite dishes which most youngsters are fond of these days.

Later Shri. P. Ramakrishna, Technical Officer; made a presentation on “Millets for opportunity in Natural Farming” and explained the advantages of Millets Production/Health Benefits of Nutri-Cereals, which are resilient, rain-fed crops that thrive in dry regions and grow well in conditions of low soil fertility & moisture; besides being superior to popular cereals like wheat and rice in terms of nutritional value. Describing millets as a source of balanced nutrition, which are produced through natural farming practices that require less water and fertilizers he advocated the importance of making millets a future food option, since millets are one of the earliest crops grown by humans and have historically been a significant source of nutrition at the juncture of current food also being impacted by climate change.

About 69 farmers, farm women, RAWE students participated in the programme. Sri. K. Shankariah, Farm Superintendent (HRF) and Sri. D. Sridhar Upper Division Clerk, KVK also participated in this programme. Later, the inauguration programme of Global Millets (Shree Anna) Conference 2023 at NASC Complex, New Delhi by the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi was telecasted using the link provided by the ICAR-SMD.

While addressing the gathering after inaugurating the Conference, he said it is a matter of great honour for the country that after India’s proposal and efforts, the United Nations declared 2023 as ‘International Year of Millets’. Stressing that millets can be grown easily in adverse climatic conditions and without chemicals and fertilizers, the prime minister said India’s millets mission will benefit 2.5 crore small and marginal farmers in the country. He said that millets can help tackle challenges of food security as well as food habits and asked farm scientists to work towards increasing the share of nutri-cereals in the national food basket.

Prime Minister addressing the gathering after inaugurating “Global Millets (Shri Anna) Conference”

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