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Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Malyal organized training programme on “Good management practices in Chilli” at Rythu Vedika, Gundrathimadugu of Kuravi Mandal on 30-09-2023. Dr. E. Rambabu, SMS (Horticulture) explained about good management practices in Chilli – fertilizer management, correction of micronutrient deficiencies, integrated management practices for virus control. He emphasized growing of border crop with Jowar/Maize, trap crops like Marigold, Castor, installation of yellow, blue sticky traps, use of neem oil, etc. Later conducted field visit to Chilli crop and also clarified the queries raised by the farmers on current pest and diseases of Chilli crop in the present situation. In this programme, Sri M. Ramesh, AEO, Gundrathimadugu cluster and 36 no. of farmers participated.

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