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Post-Harvest Management, Value Addition Marketing, and Extension Strategies for Promotion of Millets are crucial for agricultural officers in India as they enhance their understanding of efficient harvesting, storage, and processing techniques, ensuring minimal post-harvest losses. Additionally, these programs empower officers with knowledge on value addition, enabling them to guide farmers in transforming millets into higher-value products for better market competitiveness. Moreover, extension strategies foster effective communication between officers and farmers, promoting the adoption of millet cultivation practices, which are vital for food security and diversification of agricultural production. Such trainings equip officers with the necessary tools to bolster the millet sector and contribute to sustainable agricultural development in the country. The On campus training programme was organized at EEI, Rajendranagar Hyderabad from 28th November to 02nd December, 2023. During the Ice breaking, Ice breaking was conducted to ease the participant’s initial hesitation. Telling names with a positive adjective that starts with the starting letter of their name and number game was administered as ice breaking exercises. Field visits organized International Nutricereals convention Centre (INCC) 5.0, Millet Processing and Incubation Centre, PJTSAU, S.S. Bhavani foods, Beeramguda, Hyderabad, Indian Institute of Millet Research. The Field visits were made to show case primary and secondary processing in millets, value addition to different millets and entrepreneurship opportunities in millet sector. During hands on training, the participants were exposed to different machinery used in primary and secondary processing of millets. During inauguration, Dr. M. Jagan Mohan Reddy, Director, EEI spoke about the need and importance of millets in reducing carbon foot print and in inclusion of millets in daily diets for a healthy living. A total of 13 participants from Dept. of Agriculture of Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. All the Participants expressed that all field visits have given them first-hand experience of primary and secondary processing of millets and value addition in millets. They felt that knowledge disseminated through different sessions will enable them to pass on millet related information to farmers as all the officers were given targets to expand the millet cultivation area in their respective jurisdiction. The programme was coordinated by Dr. M. Preethi, Professor, EEI, Hyderabad.

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