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Three days training programme on “Processing of Soybean for Food Uses and allied products” organized during 13-15 March at ICARIndian Institute of Soybean Research has been concluded today. A total of 25 members belonging to 5 farmer producer organizations (FPOs) of Jalna district, Maharashtra were trained under the Smart Agriculture Project financed by the Government of Maharashtra. During the valedictory programme, the institute Director Dr K.H. Singh said that the Agri-business Incubation centre of ICAR-IISR is doing exemplary work in imparting the training and technical know-how of soybean processing and utilization for various soybean-based food products which can be used for achieving the nutritional security of those who need it, especially in rural India.

Soybean, besides contributing the socio-economic upliftment of millions of small and marginal farmers of central India has now crossed the boundaries and has become very popular in Maharashtra and Southern States. This is also one of the areas of increasing the domestic consumption of soybean for stabilization of market prices. The programme was addressed by institute scientists namely Dr Vineet Kumar, Dr B.U.Dupare, Dr Neha Pandey, Dr Manoj Shrivastava and Dr Mrinal Kuchlan have delivered interactive technical sessions on soybean seed production, Improved Soybean Production including resource conservation technologies, cold pressed soybean oil and other related themes. During its inaugural session, Shri Tejas Shinde of Smart Project informed that they have established FPOs in Maharashtra which are coming up in a big way in soybean production and allied sectors. On this occasion, Dr Mahaveer Prasad Sharma, Incharge of the ICAR-IISR Incubation centre briefed about number of similar requests being received from other districts of Maharashtra. He further said that within two years of its establishment, the institute Agri-business Incubation Centre has been successful in attracting the small scale entrepreneurs youth, and such FPOs who have been trained in processing technologies of soybean-based food products like Soymilk, Tofu, Buttermilk, Shrikhand, Pakauda, Halwa, Upama and other soybeanbased bakery products. He thanked the institute as well as ABIC staff particularly Shri Yogesh Sohani, Shri Abhishek Bharti, Ms Seema Chauhan, and Shri Deepak for wholehearted efforts for the successful completion of this training programme.

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