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Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The ICAR-IISR today organized a programme forVWebcasting of Honorable Prime Minister’s address to various stakeholders related to agriculture during his inaugural speech at the International Millet Conference organized at ICAR-IARI, New Delhi. The programme, was attended by 200 participants including institute staff 70 farmers of Hingoli district. During the event, a three-day Training Programme on “Processing and Utilization of Soybean for Food Uses” organized by institute ABI during 16-18 March was also concluded. On this occasion, Dr K.H. Singh, Director, ICAR-IISR said that “soybean has so far been promoted as oilseed crop. Looking at its enormous nutritional potential, it should be promoted as Protein crop”. According to him, increasing the domestic utilization of soybean will aid in market rates of soybean through increased demand by the manufacturers of soy-based food industry. Towards this, the institute is making all the efforts for organization of various activities including skill-basedsed training programmes under the Agri-Business Incubation Centre. The valedictory programme was also graced by Dr Anita Rani and Dr B.U.Dupare, the in-charge of Crop Improvement and Crop Production Division of the institute respectively.

The training Programme was also addressed by well-known food technologist and Former Director of ICAR-IISR Dr Gon .S. Chauhan who aptly elaborated on the earlier effort and reasons of failure of promotion of soybean-based products developed and standardized at Uttarakhand base Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology Pantnagar. He expressed satisfaction that the ICARIISR has been successful in developing soybean varieties suitable for food uses while making them free from anti-nutritional qualities and beany or off-flavour. During the training the information on various themes including agronomic package of practices for soybean cultivation including food grade varieties, seed production, proce ssing and value addition was delivered by scientists namely Dr Anita Rani, Dr B.U.Dupare, Dr Neha Pandey, Dr Manoj Shrivastava, Dr Mrinal Kuchlan and Dr Raghvendra. The training programme was sponsored under the SMART project of the Maharashtra government for carrying out various skill based activities to the Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) in various districts. Shri Rajendra Gorde and Ajay Pol thanked and appreciated the efforts of the ICAR-IISR for making all efforts for conducting training programmes for promotion of food uses and processing technologies of soybean. Dr Mahaveer Prasad Sharma, In-charge of the ICAR-IISR Incubation center briefed that the institute during the last 3 months have provided hands-on training to members of about 150 FPOs of Maharashtra and demonstrated the processing technologies of soybean-based food products like Soymilk, Tofu, Buttermilk, Shrikhand, Pakauda, Halwa, Upama and other soybean-based bakery products. He thanked the institute as well as ABIC staff particularly Shri Yogesh Sohani, Shri Abhishek Bharti, Ms Seema Chauhan, and Shri Deepak for wholehearted efforts for the successful completion of this training programme.

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