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Sericulture is a very important domestic industry in many countries. India and China are the world’s leading producers of silk. The silk output of these two countries combined accounts for over 60% of global production. Technologies such as gene therapy, gene editing, Nano-biotechnology, transgenic technology etc. are being used to address a variety of challenges in silkworm such as producing transgenic silkworms with increased cocoon quality and quantity, to use silk as a biomaterial in medical and pharmaceutical industry. The Off Campus training programme was organized at APSSRDI, Kirikera, Hindupur from 21st – 24th November 2023.During ice breaking, Bridge the ball and 6 Chairs ice breaking exercises were conducted to the trainees. 1. Through bridge the ball game, importance of lateral thinking, time management, coordination and leadership skills were taught to the trainees 2. By executing 6 chairs icebreaker, significance of leadership, planning, time management, group dynamics such as problem solving skills, decision making etc were demonstrated. During field visit, Visit to Govt. Cocoon market TRC colony Hindupur, visit to mudireddy pally weavers and Weavers colony Hindupur.During field visit, Visited Hanumanthu garu field located at Walipally village of Lepakshi Mandal for collecting Success stories on innovative cocoon sheds with solar panels, turbo coolers, room heaters, oozy fly traps, rooftop sprinklers shed water drippers. Visited the reeling unit, doubling the silk thread, and Twisting the doubled silk. During hands on training, Fill the water management game was organized to explain the importance of Stress, Andragogy training on Technique of Boat exercise for effective performance in stressful situation, Stress management wheel exercise was done to assess the extent of stress among trainees. During inauguration, Dr.J.Seetharamulu, Director (FAC) APSSRDI, Sri. Y. Umamaheswar Rao, DD Seed (FAC), Hindupur, Sri. Suresh ADS, HIndupur participated in the inauguration function. Sri. Y. Umamaheswar Rao, DD Seed (FAC), Hindupur in his inaugural remarks stated that more focus on serving the farming community for making them self-dependent. more efforts to be made to promote micro-irrigation, drip irrigation for mulberry cultivation, and developing skills among rural youths for starting their enterprises. During valedictory, Sri. Avutala Ramana Reddy , District Agri Board chairman, Sri Sathya Sai District, Puttaparthy chaired the valedictory function of the meeting and addressed the trainees and distributed the certificates to the trainee officers. Dr.J.Seetharamulu, Director (FAC) APSSRDI, Sri. Y. Umamaheswar Rao, DD Seed (FAC), Hindupur, Sri. Suresh ADS, HIndupur and ADA have participated in the valedictory function. Sri. Avutala Ramana Reddy, District Agri Board chairman addresses that Innovation has come up as a technological solution to the sericulture problems along with being easy to learn, maintain and cost effective. Investments in technology, advancements in training and promoting technologies contribute to improving the overall competence of the sericulture industry. A total of 30 trainees participated from Dept. of Sericulture, AP.Feedback of participants, Acquire sound knowledge on different components of sericulture industry, The silkworm litter is used for bio-gas production and used as a fuel for cooking in the rural area. provides silk for fashionable clothing’s and providing bye products to the human society Gain skill with hands on training on mulberry cultivation and carry forward to field,.The programme was coordinated by Dr. R. Vasantha, Professor, EEI, Hyderabad. The Cost of training programme of Rs.75,249.00.

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