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Centre of Excellence on Small Millets
The Centre of Excellence on Small Millets (CoE-SM) was established at the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru (UASB) by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India, New Delhi with a total budget of Rs. 124 lakhs from 2012-17, initially under INSIMP (2012-14) and later under NFSM programmes with a mandate of addressing Primary and Secondary Processing Issues; Providing Entrepreneurship Development and Training; Refinement of Technology, Retrofitting and Demonstration; Product Development and Facilitate Market Linkage between Processors and Producers.
Under this project:
  • 18 primary and secondary processing machines have been installed at the (CoE-SM) for processing of small millets
  • 17 training programmes have been conducted for farmers, farm women and entrepreneurs with women making-up about 21% of the trainees.
  • A total of 450 farmers from nearly 200 villages in 58 taluks and 21 districts have been sensitized by (CoE-SM) through its training programmes w.r.t. small millets cultivation, utilization and value addition.
  • Over 660 visitors have visited the (CoE-SM) for seeking information on small millets.
  • Over 45 value-added products and recipes have been developed by (CoE-SM) and 17 of them are on the verge of being commercialized by the University through its Technology Commercialization Cell.
  • The (CoE-SM) has supported the establishment of two small millet restaurants and one online small millet store
  • The (CoE-SM) is being operated as an Incubation Centre with the processing facility available for usage by stakeholders and nearly 4 tonnes of grains of five small millets have been processed and revenue earned.
Thus, the (CoE-SM) has played a crucial role in increasing awareness among the farming community, entrepreneurs and the general public at large in the state. It is also in the forefront of Small Millet Revolution in the state. The infrastructure developed at the centre is in one of the best in the country.
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