Direct Seeding in RICE

In Khammam district most of the farmers are practicing conventional method of rice cultivation i.e., transplanted rice under tanks and canals as source of irrigation. Due to monsoon vagaries, farmers are facing water shortage.Read More…

Dry converted wet rice against transplanted rice in Khammam district of Telangana

In Khammam district, farmers are increasingly facing water shortage for traditional rice cultivation due to difficult monsoon, delayed and limited release of water from reservoirs. Read More…

Cultivation of Turmeric in Raised bed method with Fertigation

Turmeric is the second most important sice crop cultivated in Telangana State in an area of 0.50 Lakh Hectares with 2.52 Lakh tonnes of production and 4,645 Hectares of area in Mahabubabad district with 0.50 lakh tonnes of production. Red loamy soil and suitable weather conditions favor the production of turmeric. Read More…

KVK Rudrur Success Strides

KVK, Rudrur was estabilished on 25.03.2004 in Nizamabad district of then Andhra Pradesh state in 20ha. and presently functioning under the administrative control of Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University.Read More…

Board bed furrow planter saves soybean

Soyabean is one of the important oil seed crops grown in 57520 ha. in Nizamabad district after paddy crop as the soils and climate are most conductive to the crop.Read More…

Reapng higher yields in watermelon under drip with mulch.

Nagarkurnool district falls under Southern Telangana Zone of Telangana State with amid tropical climate characterized by low rain fll (600 – 700mm), red chalk soils and deep ground water table.Read More…

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