The different temperatures of coagulation such as 85 and 800C were investigated for getting good quality chhana suitable for the preparation of Khurma. Among all, 850C was found suitable as Khurma produced was hard, succulent, and less spongy and got sensory scores as 8.6, 9.0, and 8.88 on the 9-point Hedonic scale for flavor, body & texture, and color & appearance respectively. Amongst different cooking times of chhana cubes such as 30 minutes and 45 minutes were studied for getting a good quality of Khurma preparation. Among all, 45 minutes found suitable as Khurma produced was semi hard, slightly spongy, pleasant flavor and brown color and got a sensory score as 8.14, 8.34, and 8.27 on 9-point Hedonic scale for flavor, body & texture and color and appearance respectively. Effects of different milk ratios (buffalo milk: cow milk), such as 80:20 and 85:15 of mixed milk on the quality of chhana and Khurma were studied. Khurma sample prepared from mixed milk with 85:15 ratio was found suitable as Khurma produced was hard, slightly spongy, and coarse and got maximum sensory scores as 7.89, 8.04 and 8.07 on 9-point Hedonic scale for flavor, body & texture, and color & appearance respectively, and also retain the cube shape of Khurma during cooking. They were observed for 15 percent dilution of buffalo milk with cow milk. Higher dilution caused a slight reduction in flavor scores and cubes developed sponginess with a tendency to flatten during cooking in sugar syrup. The concentration of sugar syrup i.e. 70%, Khurma samples cooked in 70 percent sugar syrup was preferred most because of their light brown color, cube shape, pleasant flavor, and free from any surface crakes. A minimum cooking time of 45 min was recommended for manufacturing good quality Khurma as samples obtained on cooking for 30 min secured minimum scores for each sensory attribute except for flavor. standardization of milk with 85 part buffalo milk and 15 part cow milk and its heating to temperature 1000C, with slow and continuous agitation at a temperature around 850C, coagulation with 2.0 percent citric acid solution, draining, pressing for 15 min, chilling & forming into cube shape and cooking in 70 percent sugar syrup for 45 min followed by soaking in 60.0 percent sugar syrup and packaging.

Read More: https://www.shiats.edu.in/upd/AF_January_2015.pdf

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