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Under the Agri-Drone project of the institute, two scientific personnel, Dr. Santosh S. Mali, Senior Scientist (SWCE) and Dr. Pawan Jeet, Scientist (SWCE), successfully completed the ‘Remote Pilot Course’approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Both the scientists are now eligible to fly the drones classified under the ‘Rotorcraft VLOS’ category. The course contained ground classes for two days and the Flying and Simulation Training for 5 days. The course also included a 2-days special session on flying of Agri-drones for spraying of agrochemicals. The course covered the aspects pertaining to rules and regulations of drone flying and technical drone operating procedures. The training program was organised at Drone Destination, Bilaspur, Haryana in collaboration with Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Udran Akademy, New Delhi.

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