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Shri Pawan Kumar Gautum from Saloni, Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh has set himself as an example of a successful progressive nursery entrepreneur in the area by adopting the technology developed by the scientists of ICAR CITH Srinagar. He is a third-generation Nursery grower as his grandfather started the Nursery production of temperate fruit crops and also established apple orchards 35 years back. His father also followed in the footstep of his grandfather and continues to serve the farming community by the production of quality planting material over the Nursery area of 1 /2 Ha. Shri Pawan Kumar after leaving education in between, due to poor financial conditions began to help his father in Nursery raising and management. As the growers in the region have started shifting from low-density to high-density orcharding systems, the demand for apple plants on traditional rootstocks has reduced and imported clonal rootstocks have surged up. The family which is mostly dependent on nursery raising also aspires to shift, but the poor financial base was the main bottleneck in the transformation.

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