Highlights of village ponds

  • Occurrence of frequent droughts in the region has a serious impact on availability of water in the pond, which is the lifeline of the village
  • Two ponds managed by community approach were selected and revived through scientific interventions
  • Area of Baorli pond is 3.33 ha whereas catchment area is 196 ha
  • Area of Agolai pond is 5.53 ha whereas catchment area is 780 ha
  • Pond water is used both for domestic purpose as well as for drinking purpose
  • Siltation of pond is a major problem.

Major scientific interventions

  • Plantation of multipurpose tree species along the drainage pathways.
  • Desiltation of ponds at both sites through community participation and scientific interventions.
  • Rainfall-runoff monitoring in pond through digital rain gauge and water level recorder.
  • Contour survey of ponds to calculate the storage volume of ponds
  • Remote sensing based algorithm for periodic monitoring of water spread area in the ponds.

Read more: http://www.cazri.res.in/publications/technologies/T2E.pdf

Original link: http://www.cazri.res.in/

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