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Mandapam Regional Centre of the ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) organised a three days refresher course on “Shellfish species Identification”  from 1st  to 3rd August. A total of 12 participants, including FRAEED survey staff and young professionals, attended the training. Dr G. Tamilmani, Senior Scientist & Head-in-Charge, inaugurated the training and briefed on the importance of marine fish landing data collection. The training included theory and practical classes by Shri.M. Rajkumar, Scientist (Identification of Shrimp, Crab, Lobster and Stomatopod resources) and Smt. M. Kavitha, Scientist (Identification of cephalopods and gastropod resources). Field visits to Mandapam fish landing centre and Kalam seashell Mart, Rameshwaram, for species identification were also arranged. Species identification skills of the trainees were evaluated at the beginning and end of the training. The training concluded with a valedictory function on 3rd August. Dr G. Tamilmani, Senior Scientist & Head-in-Charge, delivered the valedictory remarks and distributed the certificates and prizes. Smt.M.Kavitha delivered the vote of thanks. Shri. M. Rajkumar, Scientist (Shellfish Fisheries Division), MRC of ICAR-CMFRI and Smt. M. Kavitha, Scientist (Shellfish Fisheries Division), TRS of ICAR-CMFRI were the coordinators. This training programme was organised under the ongoing in-house project “Resource assessment and management framework for sustaining marine fisheries of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry” (PEL/RMS/08).

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