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A team of experts from Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) recently conducted field visits to gather feedback from farmers regarding the adoption of Surface Seeder technology for wheat cultivation. The team included Dr Kuldeep Singh, Professor and Head, Department of Extension Education; Dr Pankaj Kumar, Associate Professor of Extension Education; Dr Devinder Tiwari, Extension Scientist; Dr Harshneet Singh, Assistant Professor of Soil Science; and Er Karun Sharma, Assistant Professor, KVK Samrala.

During their visits to villages including Bhundri, Kila Raipur, Paproudi, Sangatpura, and Bondli, the team interacted with the farmers who had adopted the Surface Seeder technology for wheat sowing. The farmers shared positive experiences, highlighting that surface seeding not only reduced costs but also resulted in good crop stand and vigor. They expressed satisfaction with the technology and indicated their intention to expand its usage, recommending it to fellow farmers.

Dr Kuldeep Singh encouraged the neighboring farmers to emulate the adopters, emphasizing the benefits of the technology, including its eco-friendly approach to crop residue management without the need for tillage operations. Even farmers who had not yet adopted the technology expressed satisfaction with its performance and showed their willingness to adopt it in the future.

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