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Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Hoshiarpur, recognizing the significance of sesame (Til) cultivation in the region, organized a day to showcase the success of frontline demonstrations on sesame. The event in Bachhohi village on September 27, 2023, aimed to disseminate valuable insights into sesame cultivation, mainly focusing on the demonstrated variety, Punjab Til No. 2.

Detailing the importance of the crop, Dr Maninder Singh Bons, Associate Director (Training) at KVK Hoshiarpur, explained the immense potential of sesame cultivation in the Hoshiarpur district, covering approximately 400 hectares of land, predominantly in the Kandi region, due to its minimal water requirements and straightforward crop management practices compared to other crops. Dr Bons also dwelled on the purpose of cluster frontline demonstrations for Til crops. He provided a comprehensive overview of recommended cultivation practices, nutrient management, and pest control strategies specific to Punjab Til No. 2. Dr Bons highlighted the variety’s profuse branching, dense capsule-bearing characteristics, and its ability to mature in just 90 days, yielding an impressive 2.8 quintals per acre. He also offered guidance on rabi crop cultivation, emphasizing the importance of responsible residue management.

Dr. Ajaib Singh, Assistant Professor (Agricultural Engineering), educated farmers on various paddy straw management strategies. He emphasized the nutrient composition of paddy straw and its versatile applications, including mushroom cultivation, energy production, biogas, and fodder. Dr Ajaib encouraged farmers to explore agro-processing technologies to enhance their income.

Dr Parminder Singh, Associate Professor (Animal Science), KVK Hoshiarpur, provided valuable insights into seasonal dairy animal management, emphasizing using mineral mixtures, uromin licks, and bypass fat for optimal results.

Dr Sukhwinder Singh Aulakh, Assistant Professor (Vegetable Science), highlighted the importance of a balanced and nutritive diet in modern times. He motivated farmers to embrace integrated nutrition gardening practices.

As part of the event, winter vegetable seed kits were distributed to farmers and farm women, promoting integrated nutrition gardening. The field day fostered productive discussions between farmers and experts on sesame cultivation and other agricultural queries. In addition to knowledge sharing, seeds of various crops, including onion, gobhi sarson, berseem, pulse, and oilseed kits, along with fodder kits, mineral mixtures, uroxin licks, and farm literature, were made available for the benefit of the farming community.

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