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The Punjab Agricultural University’s dynamic Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE) students unleashed a wave of empowerment in the heart of Jarkhar and Jaspal Bhangar villages. In a groundbreaking initiative, the RAWE students dived headfirst into a vibrant training programme, turning these villages into hubs of skill development for the Scheduled Caste (SC) communities. Mushroom cultivation, nutrition garden mastery, and bakery brilliance took center stage, creating a symphony of sustainable livelihoods and elevated nutritional outcomes.

Breaking barriers and cultivating change, these students are not just learners but transformers on a mission. These young change-makers sowed the seeds of eco-friendly practices by generously distributing 40 lemon plants, breathing life into the green dreams of the community. To fuel the mushroom revolution, 20 kg of Dhingri mushroom spawn and 80 compost bags were gifted, igniting entrepreneurial sparks in the hearts of locals.

Dr Kuldeep Singh, Head, Department of Extension Education, emphasized how these initiatives perfectly aligned with PAU’s grand mission of rural development through education and hands-on interventions.

Guided by the expert Dr Lavleesh Garg, Extension Scientist, the RAWE students ensured that the flame of success, lit during the training program, continues to burn bright. “It is a transformation that goes beyond textbooks; it is a saga of empowerment, sustainability and skill flourishing in the fields of Jarkhar and Jaspal Bhangar,” said Dr Garg.

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