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The Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) has inked a pact with ACSEN Agriscience Private Limited, Gurugram for the commercial seed production of chili hybrid – CH 52 and tomato hybrid – PTH 2. The Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) was signed by Dr Ajmer Singh Dhatt, Director of Research, PAU and Mr Girish Patil, Vice-President, ACSEN Agriscience Private Limited.

Dr Khushdeep Dharni, Associate Director, Technology Marketing and IPR Cell, congratulated Dr TS Dhillon, Head-cum-Principal Vegetable Breeder, Department of Vegetable Science and Dr SK Jindal, Senior Vegetable Breeder, for the commercialization of the vegetable hybrids. He informed that PAU has signed 358 MoAs for the commercialization of various technologies till date.

Dr Kulvir Singh, Principal Olericultures, Department of Vegetable Science, said that the vegetable hybrids/varieties developed by the department were popular both in public and private sector. The MoAs between PAU and different stakeholders were instrumental in widespread seed availability of hybrids/varieties of various vegetables, he observed.

Explaining the characteristics of CH 52, Dr Sayeed Abdul Hamid Patel, Olericultures, said that its plants were dark green, spreading and tall. “Fruits are long (9.8 cm), thin skinned, pendent, borne singly, deep green when immature and deep red when mature. Fruits are pungent (0.9% capsaicin) and high in dry matter (25.5%). The hybrid is moderately resistant to leaf curl virus, fruit rot and root knot nematodes. The hybrid is suitable for low tunnel cultivation and gives an average yield of 102 q/acre,” he added.

Dr Jindal, while referring to features of PTH 2, told that it was a high yielding hybrid (270 q/acre) with multiple resistance to late blight and root knot nematodes. “The fruits are round, deep red, medium sized (75-80 g) and firm with 3-4 locules. The hybrid has TSS content of 4.2% and lycopene content is 4.7%. The hybrid is also suitable for processing purposes,” he said.

Present on the occasion was Mr DK Sharma from ACSEN Agriscience.

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