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In a concerted effort to bolster agricultural practices in Punjab’s SBS Nagar region, the Regional Research Station, Ballowal Saunkhri held training programme for officers from the Department of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare.

The programme centered on the intricacies of oilseed crop production, a critical facet in diversifying crops and mitigating the adverse impacts of the prevalent rice-wheat cropping system on Punjab’s natural resources.

Led by Dr Manmohanjit Singh, the Director of the Regional Research Station, discussions delved into the significance of oilseed crops and shed light on ongoing projects and enrollment avenues available at the PAU-College of Agriculture, Ballowal Saunkhri.

Dr Gurvinder Singh, the training’s coordinator, extended a warm welcome to the participating officers and outlined the agenda, underlining the imperative nature of collaborative efforts in advancing modern agricultural methodologies.

Throughout the sessions, experts, Dr Abrar Yousuf shared insights on water-saving techniques, crops suitable for low-water environments, and the crucial role of soil conservation, particularly pertinent in the kandi region.

Dr Raminder Singh Ghuman, DES (Agronomy), delved into cultivation practices specific to oilseed crops and recommended regionally suitable varieties endorsed by PAU. Meanwhile, Dr K K Sharma addressed prevalent diseases affecting oilseed crops and elucidated on effective control measures.

Moreover, Dr Varun Attri provided a comprehensive overview of SBS Nagar’s cropping systems, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between oilseed crops and agri-silviculture. As part of the program, officer trainees had the opportunity to tour the newly established PAU-College of Agriculture and explore various research station units, including the Herbal Garden, Breeding Trials Unit, and Fruit Nutrition Garden.

As the training drew to a close, Dr Dapinder Singh, Chief Agriculture Officer of SBS Nagar, extended gratitude through the vote of thanks, encapsulating the spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing that permeated the event.

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