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Punjab Agricultural University’s Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Ferozepur, under the guidance of Dr GPS Sodhi, Additional Director of Extension Education at PAU, Ludhiana, orchestrated a fruitful field day 7.03.2024 centred around Gobhi Sarson cultivation. The event, held at village Wakha Maur, witnessed active participation from approximately 60 farmers, showcasing their keen interest in adopting innovative agricultural practices.

Dr Munish Kumar, Assistant Professor in Animal Science, enlightened farmers on preserving the nutritional value of Gobhi Sarson oil and provided insights into forthcoming vocational training programs at KVK Ferozepur, underscoring the importance of eco-friendly livestock farming practices.

Dr BS Sekhon, Assistant Professor in Vegetable Science, delved into the cultivation techniques of fruit-bearing plants and advocated for properly managing paddy straw, which is crucial for sustainable agricultural practices in the region.

Addressing soil health concerns, Dr Harpreet Kaur, an Assistant Professor of Soil Science, emphasized the significance of soil and water testing and promoted the judicious use of fertilizers to enhance crop productivity and environmental sustainability.

Dr Divya, an Assistant Professor of Home Science, illuminated the cardio-protective health benefits of Gobhi Sarson, attributing them to its low erucic acid and saturated fatty acid content. Thus, she encouraged its consumption for improved well-being.

To promote crop diversification and environmental conservation, Dr Anand Gautam, Assistant Professor in Farm Machinery, motivated farmers to explore diversified cropping patterns while educating them about the detrimental impacts of paddy straw burning on the ecosystem.

The event facilitated engaging discussions among farmers from Wakha Maur and neighboring villages on oilseed crop management, fostering knowledge exchange and collaborative learning within the farming community.

Expressing their appreciation, progressive farmers Balwinder Singh and Jagmeet Singh extended gratitude to Krishi Vigyan Kendra Ferozepur for organizing the insightful agriculture camp in their village, recognizing its pivotal role in advancing agricultural practices and fostering community development.

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