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PAU The top officials of the state issued a special recommendation today and gave suggestions for the proper use of DAP for the farmers cultivating wheat and paddy in the state. These suggestions are based on research conducted by the university on soil test samples and are aimed at increasing the profitability of farmers.

Vice Chancellor Dr. Satbir Singh Gosal said that the use of DAP in the wheat-paddy crop cycle is expensive. He said that based on the soil test, it is very important to use fertilizers properly to reduce the cost.
Dr. Ghosal said that as a result of excessive use of DAP, 31% of Punjab’s land has high levels of phosphorus and 30% of land has high levels of phosphorus. 19% of the land is in the medium range of phosphorus content where the recommended amount of this fertilizer needs to be applied. The reason for the high phosphorus content in the soil is due to the excessive use of this fertilizer by various crops. Along with this, plowing the straw in the field also increases the amount of organic matter and phosphorus in the soil.

Director Research Dr. Ajmer Singh Dhatt said that PAU for medium phosphorus lands. 55 kg DAP per acre is recommended in wheat or potato crops If the straw is plowed in the field, it can be used up to 65 kg). He said that if there is a deficiency of phosphorus in the soil test, then this amount can be increased up to 25 percent. In soils with more phosphorus, the amount of DAP can be increased to 50%

Head of Department of Soil Science Dr. Dhanwinder Singh said that when the soil contains 9-20 kg of phosphorus and organic matter more than 0.6 percent, there is no need to add DAP to wheat. DAP content in wheat can be reduced by up to 50 percent in lands where organic fertilizers are used continuously. Apart from this, the amount of DAP can be halved in those lands where 2.5 tones per acre of chicken manure or dung manure or dung gas slurry is applied. He said that where 10 tones of manure has been used in the potato crop before wheat, there is no need to use DAP.

Dr. Dhanwinder Singh said that due to excessive use of phosphorus fertilizers, zinc deficiency is seen in the crops. He said that if DAP is not available, single super phosphate (16 percent phosphorus) or nitro phosphate (20 percent phosphorus) can be applied to wheat.

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