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Punjab Agricultural University’s Farm Advisory Service Centre (FASC) in Hoshiarpur (Gangian) successfully concluded a six-day training program focused on ‘Organic Farming,’ held from February 26 to March 2, 2024. Organized under the Directorate of Extension Education, PAU, Ludhiana, in collaboration with PAMETI, PAU Campus Ludhiana, the initiative aimed to equip rural youth with essential knowledge and skills in organic farming.

It was led by Dr Charanjeet Kaur, Senior Extension Scientist (SM) at FASC Gangian. The training aimed to enhance the understanding of organic farming among participants, encouraging its adoption as a subsidiary occupation on a small scale. Various aspects of organic farming, including recommendations from PAU for producing quality organic produce, were thoroughly discussed.

Dr Rakesh Kumar Sharma, District Extension Scientist (Entomology), emphasized the significance of beneficial insects in agriculture and advocated for reducing chemicals and promoting bio control agents instead. He also provided insights into insect pest and disease management in organic farming.

Dr Indira Devi, District Extension Scientist (Fruits), shed light on organic farming practices for fruit plants and vegetables, stressing the importance of pesticide-free vegetable production for human health.

Expert speakers like Dr Maninder Singh Bons, Associate Director at KVK Bahowal, elaborated on organic manures and vermicomposting for soil fertility improvement. Dr Prabhjot Kaur, Assistant Professor (Plant Protection) at KVK Bahowal, demonstrated bio-pesticide preparation. Additionally, representatives from agricultural agencies discussed the organic certification process.

The training also included an educational visit to the progressive organic grower Sh Tarsem Singh’s farm in the village of Nela Naloya. Singh shared his journey and experiences in organic farming, encouraging participants to start small and gradually expand their organic farming ventures based on their experiences.

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