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In a collaborative effort between the Department of Vegetable Science, PAU, Ludhiana, and USF in Usman, Tarn Taran, a five-day training course on ‘Protected Cultivation and Nursery Raising of Vegetables’ was conducted from December 11th to 15th, 2023. The course aimed to empower SC/ST farmers by imparting crucial knowledge on advanced cultivation techniques.

Dr Parvinder Singh, Principal Extension Scientist (Vegetables), emphasized the significance of protected vegetable cultivation using technologies like low tunnels, net houses, and poly houses. This approach ensures early harvesting, increased yield, and superior produce quality, focusing on vegetables like tomatoes, sweet peppers, brinjals, and cucumbers.

Addressing the participants, Dr Dil preet Singh, Assistant Professor (Vegetable Science), highlighted the training’s purpose and urged the adoption of the plug tray method for high-quality vegetable nursery production. He encouraged using grow bags for home-scale vegetable cultivation, providing attendees with essential tools like grow bags and hand spray pumps.

The training encompassed diverse aspects, including utilizing organic manures such as compost and farmyard manure, shared by Dr Jatinder Manan, Agronomist, emphasizing their role in enhancing vegetable kitchen gardens.

Dr Savreet Khehra, DES (Fruits), stressed the significance of cultivating fruit plants at home, elucidating cultivation practices for various deciduous fruits like peach, plum, pear, pomegranate, and phalsa.

To address holistic farming practices, Dr Parminder Singh Sandhu, DES (Agronomy), delivered insights on weed management in vegetables, while Dr Barinder Kaur, Vegetable Breeder, discussed the feasibility and methods of rooftop vegetable gardening.

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