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At Ballowal Saunkhri’s PAU College of Agriculture and Regional Research Station, the dawn of the New Year was welcomed with a reverential ‘Sukhmani Sahib’ paath, witnessed heartfelt kirtan performances by both students and faculty, creating an atmosphere steeped in spiritual fulfilment.

During the occasion, Dean Dr Manmohanjit Singh highlighted the importance of spirituality in professionalism. He expressed gratitude for the collective efforts that propelled the institute to success. He emphasized the significance of spirituality and stressed the preservation of one’s mother tongue as a vital link to Punjab’s rich cultural heritage. Encouraging a commitment to continuous learning, he urged everyone to approach their responsibilities with unwavering honesty.

The Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle at PAU College of Agriculture, Ballowal Saunkhri, organised the event with an inaugural speech by Dr Ravneet, the in-charge. This celebration also coincided with Turban Day, aiming to foster a deeper connection between individuals and their cultural roots.

The spiritual ceremony concluded with an invitation to partake in the langar, symbolizing unity and community cohesion.

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