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In a significant stride towards fostering academic cooperation and promoting cultural heritage, a fruitful interaction transpired between Dr. Opinderjit Kaur Takhar, Associate Professor of Sikh Studies and Director of the Centre for Sikh and Punjabi Studies at the University of Wolverhampton, UK and Dr. Satbir Singh Gosal, Vice-Chancellor of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana. Mr. Harpreet Sandhu, eminent author, nature artist and heritage promoter was also present during the meeting.

Dr. Takhar, an MBE awardee, specializes in Language and Heritage and expressed keen interest in fortifying ties between the two esteemed institutions. The focus of this collaboration center’s around the rich heritage and the ‘Museum of Social History and Rural Life of Punjab’ located at PAU, Ludhiana, India. The museum provides a glimpse into the rural life of Punjab in bygone eras and was recently highlighted by Mr. Harpreet Sandhu, during his visit to universities in the United Kingdom.

During the interaction, Dr. Takhar proposed the establishment of a strong link between the ‘Museum of Social History and Rural Life of Punjab’ and the University of Wolverhampton. The objective is to showcase this treasure trove of Punjab’s heritage to British-born Punjabis settled in the UK and to the academic community at the University of Wolverhampton. The museum beautifully portrays the ethnology, folk art and craft, architecture, archaeology, and social history of Punjab, resonating with diverse communities in the UK.

Dr. Gosal conveyed his enthusiasm and optimism for this proposed collaboration, acknowledging the significance of promoting cultural understanding and heritage appreciation among communities. He emphasized the need for strengthening academic bonds and fostering mutual collaboration between PAU and the University of Wolverhampton, particularly in the field of Language and Heritage.

Both parties extended their gratitude for the meaningful discussion and looked forward to exploring the potential avenues for collaboration. This interaction marks the beginning of what promises to be a rewarding partnership in the realms of academic and cultural exchange between the two esteemed universities.

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