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Aligarh, July 8: The Department of Cardiology at JN Medical College, AMU, successfully organized a pacemaker camp on July 5th at OPD 14 premises. The camp aimed to assist patients with pacemakers or implanted devices such as AICD and CRTD. During the event, patients underwent thorough interrogation and received appropriate advice based on their condition. Many individuals experiencing some issues had their parameters reset or were advised on battery replacement, particularly those facing end-of-life battery depletion.

Prof Asif Hasan, Chairman of the Department of Cardiology, informed that such camps are held every six months and provide invaluable assistance to patients, particularly those residing in Aligarh district, irrespective of whether their devices were implanted at JN Medical College or any other medical facility.

The active participation of Prof Malik Azharuddin and the dedicated DM residents contributed to the success of the camp, ensuring exceptional care and support for patients.

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