The Green University Project initiative of Aligarh Muslim University is an attempt towards reducing the carbon footprints of the campus and creating awareness of sustainable development. The Green University Project Committee has been looking after various initiatives in this regard. The adoption of green sources of electricity like solar energy and simultaneously promoting energy conservation has been the guiding principle for the Green University Project.

6.5 MW, the largest setup of green electricity in any academic institute in the country has led to a reduction of about 20000kg CO2 footprint per day. In addition energy efficient lighting on the campus using LEDs, approval of only five-star or inverter type air conditioners on the campus, and replacement of old heavy energy consumption ACs and fans have been implemented. The role of awareness creation and participation of stakeholders is very important for a successful conservation campaign. Various initiatives like dissemination of information, organization of awareness programs, involvement of students and staff, the appointment of energy monitors in each office, etc. are some of the important measures taken in this direction.

The experience of successful implementation of these projects has also been shared with institutions and organizations for the promotion of energy conservation and sustainable development at a wider level.
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