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An auger hole technology for raising forest and fruit tree plantation in salt-affected soils with sub-surface hardpan has been developed and standardized. By adopting this technology, state forest departments have successfully raised tree plantations on salt-affected village community lands, Govt. lands, adjoining roads, railway lines and canals etc. Pit cum auger hole technology is developed to raise fruit trees like aonla (Emblica officinalis), karaunda (Carissa Carandus) and guava (Psydium guajava) in soils having pH2 10.00 and above, where nothing is possible to grow. After one rotation of trees and grasses, the soils get reclaimed to such an extent that the Panchayats have started giving these lands on rent to generate regular income for the overall development of the village. Different agro-forestry models have also been developed, which have shown a B: C ratio of 1.6. Silvi-pastoral model for bio-reclamation of sodic soil (pH2 > 10) has been developed for production of fuel wood, fodder, pods and honey besides reducing runoff volume, increasing infiltration, reducing soil alkalinity and improving soil fertility.

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