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New Delhi [India], June 4 (ANI): Union Minister for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying Parshottam Rupala on Friday said that an organized industry on cow-based products is a reality now.

He was speaking at the Global Confederation of Cow-based Industries (GCCI) where he said GCCI has proved that organized Industry on cow-based products is a reality now.

Speaking at the global webinar jointly organized by ICAR-CIRC and GCCI on Friday on the occasion of World Milk Day 2022, Rupala appreciated GCCI for having established a new dimension by making such a confederation.

Scientists, veterinarians, industrialists, farmers from across the globe attended the online event. The topic of the webinar was – ‘Sustainability in the dairy sector as well as environmental, nutritional and socio-economic empowerment’.

Rupala said that the world is now aware about the importance of cows. He added that the period of the COVID-19 pandemic has established the importance on looking towards means for immunity. He added that the world is opting for milk, ghee and other cow products.

He said that youth is showing enthusiasm in cow entrepreneurship. He pointed out that in New India, the people working in this sector are being recognized and appreciated. Speaking on the occasion, he informed that the Government of India has approved 4000 mobile veterinary units. He added that one needs to dial 1962 to call for Cattle Ambulance and this will revolutionize this sector.

GCCI founder Dr Vallabhbhai Kathiria said that there is a paradigm shift under Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the country is transforming. He said that the milk of desi cow is like an elixir of life that is keeping us healthy and full of vitality throughout life.

Dr Abhijit Mitra, Director, ICAR-CIRC talked about CIRC work, achievements and research findings for improvement of cattle for high profitability. He added that the milk producing capacity of indigenous cows is increasing. He further said that India contributes 21 per cent of total milk production in the world.

Managing Director of Amul, Dr RS Sodhi discussed about the sustainability through dairy sector. He told that the supply chain efficiency in the dairy sector of India is the best in the world. (ANI)

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