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One more purebred female Sahiwal calf was born to a Frieswal cow recipient through Embryo Transfer Technology (ETT) at ICAR-Central Institute for Research on Cattle, Meerut on 12.04.2023. Scientists of the Institute’s Embryo Transfer Project led by Dr. Suresh Kumar, Principal Scientist and Head of the Division of Cattle Physiology and Reproduction, had recently initiated the ETT programme and this is reportedly the third embryo transfer success at the Institute. Earlier the Farmer FIRST programme of ICAR-CIRC had witnessed the birth of seven ETT calves at Farmer’s doorstep under field conditions. In addition, AI with sex-sorted semen technology has also been successfully demonstrated at Farmer’s doorstep by producing 49 calves (48 females and one male) under FFP programme. Dr. Suresh Kumar, PI, explained that embryo transfer is a technique in which embryos are collected from a donor female and transferred to a recipient female, who serves as a surrogate mother for the remainder of the pregnancy. Through this technique, many elite calves and heifers can be produced at the same time from a high-yielding cow. He said that this technique will contribute to the improvement and faster multiplication of Indigenous elite cows. He congratulated the scientists involved in this project and also thanked the director of the institute, Dr. Umesh Singh, for his leadership. He also appreciated the sincere efforts of the staff involved. He further stated that the next goal of the laboratory is to produce as many high quality indigenous heifers as possible using the technology of ovum pick-up and in vitro fertilization (OPU-IVF). Dr. Umesh Singh, Director of ICAR-CIRC, shared that ICAR-CIRC will soon establish the Centre of Excellence Laboratory for further successful application of OPU-IVF techniques in cattle. He congratulated the ETT team for approval of externally funded OPU-IVF project under the Rashtriya Gokul Mission (RGM).

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