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ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai conducted a Workshop cum Demonstration on Live Feed Culture on 14th June 2023. Welcoming all, Dr. N. P. Sahu, Joint
Director, ICAR-CIFE highlighted the indispensable nature of partnership among research academia-ornamental industries for further development in fisheries through capacity buildings and customized R & D programme. He also highlighted the importance of hands-on  training on live feed and its importance for survival, production and coloration in ornamental fishes. He also underscored the key role of CIFE in bridging the development gap in ornamental sector showcasing the strength of the institute.

Dr. S Munilkumar, Principal Scientist/Coordinator of the program, described importance of live feed culture in larval rearing. He also demonstrated the standard culture practice for cladocerans (Moina) and tubifex culture to the participants. He also enlightens the Do’s/Don’t in the live feed culture. Dr. Upasana Sahoo delivered a talk on “Culture of Rotifers” and “Artemia culture”. Dr. Kapil Sukhdhane, also demonstrated water quality testing and delivered  talk on maintenance of water quality during live feed culture. A total of 77 participants were benefitted with this program which was a composite group of ornamental breeders, exporters, aquarium keepers, shrimp and fish farmers from Maharashtra. The programme was conducted in association of Maharashtra Aquaculture Farmer’s Association, Maharashtra. Pleased with the overwhelming participation from states and the quality of interaction, the group of farmers expressed the desire to conduct such meetings frequently to share and enrich the development journey in the fisheries sector. The technical program was coordinated by Dr. S. Munilkumar., Dr. Kapil Sukhdhane and Dr. Upasana Sahoo. The meeting ended with a formal vote of thanks by the Dr. Madhuri Pathak.

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