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The advantages of this invention are:

1. The murrel (Channa punctatus, C. marulius, C. striatus) skins used in the present invention are the waste fish skins that would otherwise be thrown away in the garbage, so waste is utilized.

2. The process can be used to develop leather from any other fish species also.

3. The application of chitosan fomate, a natural biopolymer that protects ‘Novel and Exotic Leather Fabric From Fish’ Skin against bacterial, fungal, and microbial infestation, enhances the resistance against physical and chemical damage and its appearance.

4. The ‘Novel and Exotic Leather Fabric From Fish Skin’ so developed can be used to produce various leather articles and designer works etc.

5. The ‘Novel and Exotic Leather Fabric From Fish Skin’ is unique and can be used by designers to prepare unique high-end products. The natural scale pattern of the fish skins is exotic, which can command a high price as unique, designer fashion accessories. It is exotic as it is developed by using a relatively rare animal species or from skin parts of animals that are rarely processed into leather.

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