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The Department of Microbiology, Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), demonstrated a hands-on-training on “Biofertilizers, Natural Vinegar, Fermented Tea Beverage and Bioenzyme” under ICAR-1 grant. The practical session was followed by the development of the products by the students.

Dr Urmila Gupta Phutela, Principal Scientist (REE)-cum-Head, Department of Microbiology, demonstrated the steps involved in the production of bioenzyme, and how it could be exploited for various domestic and agricultural purposes.

Dr Priya Katyal, Microbiologist, explained the preparation of fermented tea beverage (Kombucha) by dwelling upon the benefits of its consumption.

Dr Seema Garcha, Soil Microbiologist, shed light on the use of biofertilizers developed for different crops, followed by a practical session regarding steps involved in mass multiplication of biofertilizers.

Dr Keshani, Extension Scientist (Microbiology), elaborated the methodology of development of natural vinegar from different seasonal fruits.

Dr MIS Gill, Dean, Postgraduate Studies and Dr Shammi Kapoor, Dean, College of Basic Sciences and Humanities, congratulated the department for taking this initiative for the benefit of students.

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