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Knowledge sharing and synergy among the leading coconut tissue culture laboratories in member countries of ICC (International Coconut Community)/COGENT (International Coconut Genetic Resources Network) is the key to upscale and advance the Coconut Tissue Culture Technology. The results of scientific developments in various laboratories working on coconut tissue culture need to be harmonized and complemented to address shortfalls in the currently available protocols. It is of utmost importance that strategic planning of coconut tissue culture R & D be undertaken, considering its use in conservation and mass propagation and being vital for the sustained development of the coconut industry. The ICC-COGENT COCONUT TISSUE CULTURE WORKSHOP has been conceptualized to boost collaborations and interactions amongst researchers and other stakeholders of the ICC/COGENT member countries towards innovative and responsive R & D.

The objectives of the Workshop are (i) To share the acquired expertise and skills among researchers working on coconut tissue culture in support of the conservation, germplasm exchange and mass propagation programmes in member countries of COGENT, and (ii) To formulate experiments to develop a commercially viable tissue culture protocol in coconut.

The Workshop will include participants from Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, Sri Lanka, Belgium, Mexico, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Côte d’Ivoire, Malaysia and France

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