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Knowledge enhancement programme on “Potential of fish genetic resources for the aquapreneurship development” for postgraduate students from CMP College, University of Allahabad, Prayagraj was organized on 15 Sept, 2023 by ICAR-National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources under the guidance of Dr. U. K. Sarkar Director, ICAR-NBFGR. The objective of this exposure visit was to provide knowledge on latest developments in the field of fisheries and aquaculture related research along with potential for livelihood opportunities. On this occasion, a MoU was also signed to support the academic pursuit of CMP College. Director ICAR-NBFGR graced the occasion and highlighted the scientific contribution of the institute at national level in the last two decades and gave a brief insight and scope of fisheries and aquaculture for their career development. Dr. L.K. Tyagi, In-charge Extension & Training Cell and HOD, GEEC Division provided overview of fisheries research activities. Dr. Monika Gupta, Scientist & Incharge Ganga aquarium highlighted scope of ornamental fish genetics resources for the entrepreneurship development. HoDs of three divisions facilitated the visits of laboratories of their respective divisions. Students witnessed the all the facilities of the institute including Ganga Aquarium and Live Fish Germplasm Resource Centre during the visit, coordinated by Dr. M. Gupta, Dr. R. Singh and Mr. V. Kumar. Total 42 students accompanied by a faculty member visited the Institute and attended the programme.

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