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On the occasion of ‘World Water Day’ on 22nd March 2024, the Water Technology Centre, ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi organised a Technical programme on the central theme “Water for Peace”.

The Chief Guest Dr. Himanshu Pathak, Secretary (DARE) and Director General (ICAR) emphasised the relevance of the theme of ‘World Water Day’ for the year 2024 in present-day society. He elaborated on the negative effects of uneven distribution of rainfall and associated waterlogging and highlighted the importance of efficient water conservation and management in the backdrop of climate change. He mentioned that 80% of the area under micro irrigation in India is presently concentrated in six states only and stressed intensive research and extension efforts for its promotion and spread in other potential states. Dr. Pathak also urged the need to develop the most modern and innovative methods of research, education and training in agricultural water management. He appreciated the efforts of WTC, and ICAR-IARI and suggested conducting brainstorming sessions on technological options for agricultural water management and preparing a comprehensive research project proposal addressing the multi-faceted challenges of water management in the country.

The Guest of Honour, Dr. P.K. Singh, Agriculture Commissioner, Government of India emphasized the importance of climate-resilient water management practices, watershed management and integrated flood and drought management.

The Guest of Honour Dr. S.K. Ambast, Chairman, Central Groundwater Board, Government of India delivered a presentation on efficient utilization of groundwater resources in India.

Earlier, Dr. A.K. Singh, Director, ICAR-IARI New Delhi, delivered a welcome address and spoke on efficient storage of water through Amrit Sarovar in IARI farm and optimum water use in agriculture by the farming community through modern methods of irrigation.

Dr. P.S. Brahmanand, Project Director, WTC, ICAR-IARI, while setting the context of the theme for the World Water Day briefed about the 10-point action plan for sustainable water management for the agricultural sector.

About 180 participants from different ICAR institutions including Heads of various divisions, Scientists, Professors and students of ICAR-IARI attended this event.

(Source: Water Technology Centre, ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi)

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