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Intensive poultry production results in the generation of large quantities of poultry litter. If the litter is disposed of in the field without any treatment, it may cause environmental pollution. This problem can be solved by utilizing litter for productive purposes. The poultry litter generated, could be successfully converted into compost by mixing it with paddy straw in the proper ratio of carbon to nitrogen (C/N ratio) content present in the litter as well as in paddy straw. Finally, vermicompost was developed from the compost by introducing earthworms into the pile of compost. Dr. R. N. Chatterjee, Director DPR, and his team in collaboration with ICAR-CRIDA could convert poultry litter waste to wealth.

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  • Vermicompost preparation with a C/N ratio of 35:1
  • Vermicompost preparation with a C/N ratio of 30:1

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