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The 4th SEA-AICOSCA Cottonseed, Oil & Meal Conclave 2023 was successfully organized by The Solvent Extractors’ Association of India (SEA) and All India Cottonseed Crushers’ Association (AICOSCA) at Fern Residency, Aurangabad from 07-08 July, 2023. Representatives from ICAR – CIRCOT, Mumbai, namely Dr. S.K. Shukla (Director), Dr. D.M. Kadam, Dr. V.G. Arude, and Dr. Manoj Kumar, actively participated in the conclave. Dr. S.K. Shukla highlighted the factors contributing to the consistent decline in cottonseed scientific processing each year and proposed viable measures to enhance the value of cotton linters and cottonseed meal. Furthermore, he also emphasized the usage of cottonseed meal for poultry feed and the use of cottonseed hulls as bedding material for mushroom cultivation. Dr. Arude addressed various crucial issues concerning the scientific processing of cottonseed and recommended effective approaches to enhance cottonseed processing methods in the country.

During the conclave, the SEA – AICOSCA presented awards for outstanding contributions in the cottonseed and cottonseed oil supply chain. Dr. Manoj Kumar and Dr. D.M. Kadam were honored with the prestigious “Shri Nilesh Patel (N.K. Proteins) Innovation Award for Cottonseed & Cottonseed Oil Supply Chain.” Dr. Manoj Kumar received the first prize, accompanied by a cash award of INR 20,000, for his research work on extracting ultra-low gossypol protein from cottonseed. Dr. D.M. Kadam was presented with the second prize, including a cash award of INR 15,000, for his research on the design and development of a pilot plant for the extraction of cottonseed protein. The awards were bestowed upon them by Shri Abdul Sattar, the Agriculture Minister of Maharashtra. Dr. D.M. Kadam presented his award-winning research on the “Design and development of a pilot plant for the extraction of protein from deoiled cotton cake and its value addition.” Likewise, Dr. Manoj Kumar showcased his award-winning research work titled “Protein Reinvention: Revolutionizing the Cottonseed Protein Industry with Ultra Low Gossypol Protein.” Both presentations highlighted their remarkable contributions and innovative approaches in advancing the field of cottonseed protein extraction and its potential applications.

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