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A field day on high density planting system (HDPS) in Cotton sown by Pneumatic planter was organized by Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Malyal at KVK, instructional farm on 03-10-2023. Sri. B. Kranthi Kumar, SMS(Crop production) explained about the importance of high density cotton planting and the major advantages with HDPS Cotton sowings to the farmers. Dr. S. Malathi, Programme Coordinator, KVK, Malyal explained about need of HDPS Cotton, machine sowing through pneumatic planter and advantages with the pneumatic planter. She also answered the queries of different crops. Later, HDPS farmer Sri. Meka Venkat Reddy, Kuravi; Sri Gopal Reddy, Aleru shared their experiences of growing Cotton hybrids like Nuzeevedu NCS-2778 under HDPS. Sri B. Chatru Naik, DAO, Mahabubabad explained about the important crops like pulses, Maize, Oilseed crops which can be grown after Cotton and Paddy in the present situation. In this programme, Dr. N. Kishore Kumar, SMS (Extension), explained about cotton special project of CICR, Nagpur which was allotted to the KVK, Malyal. Later Sri. Dr. E. Rambabu, SMS (Horticulture), explained present crop situation of chili and management practices to take in chili. Sri. Lakshmi Narayana, ADA, Mahabubabad and Sri. P. Thirupathi Reddy, MAO, Mahabubabad and 96 farmers participated.

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