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A Harvest Mela was organised for marine cage farmed Indian Pompano at fishing harbour, Visakhapatnam by ICAR-CMFRI, Visakhapatnam Regional Centre on 4th May, 2023. The programme was attended by the Joint Director of Fisheries, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh; Head in-Charge, Visakhapatnam Regional Centre, ICAR-CMFRI; Scientists and all staff members of Visakhapatnam Regional Centre, ICAR-CMFRI; State fisheries department officials and fishermen society members from Jalaripetta and Pedda Jalaripetta, Visakhapatnam.

Initially, hatchery produced Indian pompano seeds (24.0 ± 2.0 g) were stocked in HDPE cages of 6.0 meter dia with 4.0 meter net depth. A total of three cages were stocked with fingerlings at high stocking density (40 nos/m3) at an average numbers of 4000 numbers/ cage during September, 2022. . The fingerlings were fed with pellet feed containing 40% protein and 10% fat twice a day. The grow out cultured fishes were harvested after seven months at an average size of 415.0 ± 25.0 g on 4th May, 2023. A total of 3.7 tonnes of Indian pompano were harvested with an average production of 1.25 tonnes/ cage in seven months. The estimated average survival was 74% and FCR was 1:1.46. The harvested fishes were sold to traders in Visakhapatnam @ Rs 300/kg, through which the Visakhapatnam Regional Centre generated a revenue of Rs. 11,10,000/-. The cage demonstration was part of the AINP- Mariculture project research programme on evaluation of high stocking density culture of Indian pompano in marine cages. The cages were managed by the Traditional Mutually Aided Fishermen Cooperative Society, Pedda Jalaripetta, Visakhapatnam with the technical support from Visakhapatnam Regional Centre of ICAR-CMFRI.

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