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Golden Jubilee Celebrations of KVK’s was organized at KVK, Kampasagar from 22.04.2024 to 26.04.2024. In this Programme awareness programmes organized to farmers about importance and mandatory works of KVK on 22nd and 23rd April, 2024. On 25.03.2024 Agricultural Exhibition and awareness about KVK’s was conducted at KVK, Kampasagar. In this programme Dr. S. Srinivasa Rao, Programme Coordinator, KVK, Kampasagar explained about the importance and role of KVK’s in disseminating new agricultural technologies to farming community and also explained about the progress of KVK, Kampasagar. He also explained about the technologies that are successfully running at farmers field disseminated through KVK, Kampasagar in the Nalgonda district and also explained about the beneficiaries under different schemes viz., TSP, SCSP, ARYA and Natural Farming etc. Dr. K. Chandra Shaker, SMS, Crop Production explained about the successful crop production technologies like DDSR, WDSR, drum seedin-g technologies and HDPS in cotton technologies, stressed about the importance of soil testing and summer ploughing. Smt. A. Ramulamma, SMS, Plant Protection explained about plant protection technologies adopted by the farming community in the Nalgonda District and also stressed on stored grain pest management. Smt. S. Pallavi, SMS, Extension explained the history and role of KVK’s, FPO formation and successfully running FPO’s under KVK, Kampasagar. Shri K. Murali, Horticulture Officer explained about oil palm plantation, Smt. Parwathi Chowhan, Agricultural Officer, Tripuraram explained about the State Government Schemes of Agriculture. Later Farmers and beneficiaries of different schemes shared their views about KVK, Kampasagr. After this programme farmers were exposed to the agriculture exhibition and drone followed by working mechanism of pneumatic planter and cotton shredder and their uses. Later scientists explained about the seed available at KVK, Kampasagar with their characters. In this programme nearly 97 farmers of Nalgonda district were participated.

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