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Two women self-help groups were formed by surveying Suryajala village block Bhimtal by the Farmer First Project on 29.12.2023 run under the Department of Agricultural Communication of the University. Of these groups formed under the project, one group was formed for food processing and the other group for mushroom production. In both the groups, village women participated with full enthusiasm for nomination. Project Officer Dr. S.K. Under the leadership of Kashyap, the campaign to adopt village Suryajala under the project has started. Suryajala village is a suitable village from every point of view, in which various units of the project can be successfully implemented. Suryajala village is an agriculture dependent village where various vegetables, spices, fruits and grains are produced throughout the year. Co-project officer Dr. Kiran Rana said that self-help groups can make focused efforts to enrich the women of the village. These self-help groups formed in the project will be given educational training and the aim is to make them self-reliant by connecting them with various marketing systems. Village head and other villagers participated in this program and SRF working in the project. Dr. Neha Arya and field assistant Shweta Singh were also present.

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