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Dr J. C. Bakhshi Regional Research Station, Abohar (PAU) organized a field day on ‘Kinnow Cultivation’ for SC farmers at Abohar on February 27 2024, under the SCSP scheme of ICAR-All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP) on Fruits. Approximately 50 farmers attended the event.

Dr Anil Sangwan, the Director of the research station, emphasized the importance of elite disease-free planting material in raising a healthy orchard. He urged farmers to procure plants only from certified nurseries.

Dr PK Arora introduced farmers to various insect pests affecting tree health and Kinnow tree yields in Punjab. He advised farmers to remain vigilant on the incidence of citrus psylla and aphids and to use insecticides only at recommended doses and in a rotation-based manner to avoid the build-up of insecticide resistance among insects.

Dr Krishan Kumar and Dr Subhash Chander highlighted the importance of the judicious use of fertilizers, irrigation water, and correct pruning to prevent the incidence of diseases.

Dr Anil Kamra acquainted farmers with new varieties of fruits suitable for Punjab cultivation. D. Sandeep Raheja, a Pathologist (Fruits), discussed various diseases affecting Kinnow production and their management options.

Dr JK Arora discussed various biological options available to manage diseases of Kinnow and cotton, urging growers to stay connected with the university.

Dr Prakash Mahala, a Vegetable Scientist, emphasized that farmers should raise a pesticide-free kitchen garden.

The farmers were also distributed different pesticides and fertilizers for their Kinnow orchards free of cost from the SCSP scheme of ICAR-AICRP on Fruits project.

Dr Anil Sangwan, Director, RRS, Abohar, thanked the participants and urged them to utilize the resources judiciously.

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