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On March 1, 2024, the Farm Advisory Service Centre (FASC) in Gurdaspur, in collaboration with the Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) and Regional Research Station (RRS), organized an awareness camp aimed at educating farmers about the effective management of diseases in Rabi crops, with a particular focus on yellow rust and Karnal bunt in wheat. The event, held in the village of Chhib (block Kahnuwan), was attended by 85 farmers and featured informative sessions by experts on various crop health and management aspects.

Sh Rajinder Singh Bal, DES (Plant Pathology) at FASC, provided detailed information on the identification and disease cycle of wheat diseases, mainly yellow rust and Karnal bunt, and showcased live samples for better understanding. His advice included regular field monitoring, timely fungicide application, and disease management in other crops such as sugarcane, rapeseed-mustard, berseem, and pulses. He also discussed the role of weather in disease development and the importance of weather forecasts for farming operations.

Dr Gayatri Verma, Assistant Professor (Soil Science) at RRS Gurdaspur, discussed nutrient deficiency management in various crops and highlighted the importance of soil testing for maintaining soil health and achieving higher yields. She urged farmers to test their soil regularly.

Dr Yamini Sharma, Assistant Professor (Horticulture) at KVK Gurdaspur, emphasized the significance of kitchen gardens and urged farmers to produce their own vegetable nurseries. She also encouraged the cultivation of fruit plants at home and recommended attending vocational training programs at KVK.

Dr Ankush Proch, Assistant Professor (Animal Science) at KVK Gurdaspur, shared information on dairy animal disease management and emphasized using mineral mixtures and bypass fat for proper animal health.

The event concluded with a motivational speech by progressive farmer and sarpanch Sh Surinder pal Singh, who encouraged farmers to discuss their issues and follow the recommendations of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) to conserve natural resources and make agriculture more profitable. The camp ended with an interactive session and the distribution of vegetable kits and literature among farmers.

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