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The current study aimed to assess the impact of GA3 and NAA at various concentrations on seed germination and seedling growth in kilmora. Seven treatments and three replications made up the experiment’s randomised block design. Regarding improving seed germination, plant height, and the number of leaves per plant, the kilmora seed treated with GA3 at 75 ppm was the most successful treatment compared to other treatments.

Over 675 wild edibles are known to exist in the Indian Himalayan Region (Samant and Dhar, 1997). Berberisasiatica DC. is a member of the Berberridaceae family, also referred to as kilmora. Of the 675 species, 55 were found in India (Rao et al., 1998), 24 of which are Berberis species, which are found in Uttarakhand (Tiwari et al., 2012). B. asiatica is a hard woody spiny shrub that grows to 1.8-3.6 meters in height and is typically upright and evergreen. The spines are 1-2 cm long and triplex in shape. Typically 7–10 mm in diameter, globose, enclosed in a persistent green calyx, green when unripe and turning aconite violet when mature, and containing 2–5 seeds, berries are fruits (Parmar and Kaushal, 1982; Prajapati et al., 2003).kilmora seeds have a hard seed coat or endocarp, which hinders water absorption and limits seed germination. Another element that affects seed germination is the presence of seed dormancy, a physiological state in which the seed is inactive until specific environmental conditions are met. The purpose of the study is to look into how a growth regulator affects kilmora seed germination. As an alternative, it is anticipated to offer data helpful in management plans to safeguard its endangered populations. Therefore, an investigation on the effect of a growth regulator on the seed germination of kilmora was conducted to facilitate its management and conservation strategies.


It is concluded that GA3 75 ppm was the most effective seed treatment for enhancing seed germination and seedling growth of Kilmora.

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